David A. Banks

professional photo 15David A. Banks is a Ph.D candidate in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Science and Technology Studies Department. His work focuses on the design of organizations, public space, and digital networks from an anarchist perspective. He is currently working in two field sites: North Central Troy, New York and Kumasi, Ghana. In Troy, David is working with community members, artists, and activists to build a mesh Wi-Fi network. In Kumasi, he is working with engineers, healthcare professionals, and city residents to build an open source condom vending machine network that can be built and maintained in Ghana. Other areas of interest include the mutual shaping of pop culture and engineering practices, self-organizing systems, and open access publishing. David is an organizing committee member for Theorizing the Web and an editor of The Society Pages’ technology & society blog Cyborgology. His work has also been featured in The New Inquiry, Tikkun Magazine, The Daily DotThe Baffler Blogand McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Before coming to RPI, David earned his B.A. in Urban Studies from New College of Florida.




Erdös Number: 4 Eglash-Banks: “Recursive Depth in Generative Spaces: Democratization in Three Dimensions of Technosocial Self-organization” (2014) | Krishnamoorthy–Eglash: “Audience as Co-Designer: Participatory Design of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Posters in Kenya” (2006) | Goldberg–Krishnamoorthy: “Finding Communities by Clustering a Graph into Overlapping Subgraphs” (2005) | Erdös–Goldberg: “Cutting a Graph into Two Dissimilar Halves” (1988)

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Photo taken by Aaron Thompson.