Photo by  Aaron Thompson

David A. Banks is co-chair of Theorizing the Web, editor-at-large for Real Life, co-editor of The Society Pages' Cyborgology, Associate Research Advisor at the Social Science Research Council, and Adjunct Professor of Geography at University at Albany, SUNY. He also does some research consulting.

His work has also been featured in Real Life, The New Inquiry, The Baffler, Tikkun Magazine, The Altand McSweeney's.

David studies the urban geography of media- How places buy and sell their histories to visitors and potential new residents on social media.  

He holds a PhD in Science and Technology Studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic institute and a B.A. in Urban Studies from New College of Florida.

His Erdös Number is 4.

David.adam.banks [at gmail dot com]