Consulting Services

I can help you better understand a saturated media climate, find your strengths, and succeed. I have experience working with a wide range of organizations including farmers’ markets, book and magazine publishers, consumer products, and design companies. I specialize in working with organizations that find it hard to implement their mission in the current political, and economic environment.. Shoot me an email and we can get started.


Mobile Media

Decisions about what we eat, where we go, and even where we live are increasingly being made with the help of our smartphones. Understanding mobile media is key to reaching stake holders, partners, and potential customers.


What the hell is authenticity?

The second you consciously try to be authentic, the feeling fades. Authenticity has never been harder to grasp or more popular. I can help you understand what authenticity means in an age of social media.



Finding a way to financially sustain dignified, important work is harder than finding a visually compelling image for grant-writing. We can work together to find and apply to the right grant-making institutions, making you as calm and serene as this photo of Poestenkill Gorge in early autumn.