Won 1st Prize for Short Fiction at the 75th Annual McKinney Awards

I was very honored last week to receive first prize in RPI's annual McKinney Competition for short fiction (of all things!). The winning story, which is currently unpublished but looking for a home, is titled Platinum. Here's a short excerpt:

I do not like the house I am built in. I think it is ugly. I am beautiful. On the outside the house is trimmed in Quiet Moments™ and has Hawaiian Shell™ walls. I am black, with green, yellow, and red LEDs. I am mounted on an unpainted wall underground protected by a sump pump and treated steel. The inside of the house is largely characterized by PANTONE 14-1118 TPX and 15-1516 TPX and kept at 76F. My insides are plastic and platinum and reach temperatures in excess of 180F. 

This house is a brick and I am drowning slowly. That is a Ben Folds Five lyric. Jason Carethers played Brick on Whatever and Ever Amen [2035 Digital Vinyl Collection Edition] 135 times. Joyce Carethers, $usan and NickRulez were in a different room from Jason Carethers 96% of the time that song was playing. Automatically purchasing new needle heads for SONY Digital Vinyl – D3400 Player as per subscription settings.