Web Safe 2k16

Wrote something for the Web Safe 2k16 project. Web Safe 2k16 publishes one 216-word story associated with one of the original 216 web safe colors.  I wrote about forced calm and the use of blue in both social and work settings. 

I should have stared at the color a little bit more before writing because now I realize this also feels like the color of a TV awaiting a VHS tape. I wonder if there's something to that. A subconscious infusion of anticipation across all of our commonly-used platforms. 

There’s a reason so many memories with computers are blue. Blue is the color of imposed calm. Blue demands conscious calm in spite of what the blue-colored thing is doing to you. From social media and word processors, to company logos and web standards, shades of blue are keeping you passively awake.

Full essay here.