Selected Essays

  • True-ish Grit // Real Life Magazine – Rust Belt cities are turning years of neglect and decay into a soundstage for social media.

  • Just Ride // Real Life Magazine – The case for taking back scooters from Silicon Valley.

  • Engineered for Dystopia // The Baffler – Engineering is full of authoritarians who, predictably, take all the wrong lessons from pop culture.

  • Podcast Out // The New Inquiry – A sense of ennui and overdetermination binds the audience of NPR podcasts together in a bloc of obnoxious explainerism.

  • Meat Market // The New Inquiry (With Britney Summit-Gil) – Anthony Bourdain’s planned market in Chelsea will sell food as authenticity. That leaves little room for the democratization of cuisine he promises.

  • The Authoritarian Surround // Real Life Magazine – The suburbs have incubated authoritarian sympathies as well as revolutionary restlessness

  • The Edifice Complex // Real Life Magazine – If a house is a machine to live in, then a machine to rule in is Empire State Plaza

  • Community Slander // The New Inquiry – How voting and ranking in apps allows groups to harass groups.

  • Very Serious Populists // The New Inquiry – Voting systems like Reddit enforce hegemony more than highlight good ideas.

  • Make Conversation Great Again // Cyborgology – Sherry Turkle's selective deployment of her own theories reveals a dedication to traditional authority figures.

  • Towards a Politics of Delight and Desire // The Baffler – A call for technologies and services that are as fun as they are socially just.

  • You Won't Believe What This Site Does to the Liberal Left! // Cyborgology – Upworthy organizes ignorance while it promotes feel-good stories.

  • The Power of a Decentralized Left // Tikkun Magazine – The role of technology in knitting together a coalition leftist movement.

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